Benefits Claims Intelligence

"At BCI, we provide intelligent healthcare claims analysis. Our proprietary software can identify, solve and prevent cases of waste, fraud & abuse in your health plan. We also help our clients recover plan assets resulting in decreased healthcare expenditures for every plan participant."

The BCI Difference

We endeavor to advance data-driven healthcare decisions through actionable insights into healthcare costs. We strive to create targeted solutions and provide compelling outcomes for every client we serve.

00M+ Lives

$00M+ Identified in FWA

00+ Plans Assessed (2022)

Plan Compliance

Did you know that your managed health plan is also required to comply with ERISA? BCI can help you determine your level of compliance and any problem areas.


BCI can assess fraud, waste, abuse, and errors in your medical plan transaction history; our legal team can help you craft an effective recovery action.


BCI maintains a curated database of millions of transactions across the United States - compare your plan expenditures across hundreds of payers and thousands of other plans.


BCI can help you keep your plan compliant by providing ongoing transaction monitoring - you can receive regular reports on plan accuracy and transaction, access real-time information through a dashboard*, and more.

BCI Core

BCI is a unique group of lawyers, analysts, and technologists, all with a vision to find new ways to streamline managed medical plans while bringing better medical care to plan members.


Unlock the full potential of your Healthcare Plan with BCI's comprehensive service tiers, offering a range of solutions to address fraud, waste, abuse, and error. We empower you to safeguard your organization's financial health and ensure optimal plan performance.


BCI's Summary Statement created from your data to give you a cursory view of the extent of fraud, waste and abuse in your Healthcare Plan. There is NO CHARGE for this service for organizations with self-insured plans.


BCI's Integrity Report based on a deep dive into multi-year historical claims data to establish with specificity and categorical detail, fraud, waste and abuse in one's Healthcare Plan.


BCI's ongoing monitoring of your claims adjudication process, including periodic updates, dashboard integration, and comparative analytics across thousands of managed plans.

What people are saying

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what other industry professionals said.

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

"BCI has a competent staff, offers a unique and valuable service, and I highly recommend them to fiduciaries seeking integrity in health plan management. Their software and technical team are impressive at identifying errors leading to costly waste."

Tracy McConnell, SVP


Connect Healthcare Collaboration

"With BCI as a frontrunner in managing claims payment integrity, plan sponsors can rest assured they have deployed the leading AI-based software for identifying waste, fraud abuse within their plan. Taking it a step further, the BCI Team offers unparalleled recoupment support for funds recovery and ongoing monitoring. It is my pleasure to recommend them!"

Sally Pace, CEO


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